Thread Veins

What are they?

Women's sexy legs on the beach

These are the thin veins, about the thickness of the hair on a horses mane, which can be either red or blue in colour.  They often come in clusters and are either unsightly or can throb when the weather is hot. For many women they start either with pregnancy or in their forties and fifties.

They are dilated small veins which arise from weakness in the surrounding tissue  immediately under the skin. Sometimes they can spread out from a central spot like a spiders web.

For many women they affect their self confidence wearing exposing their legs in either shorts or skirts. Many ask for legs that give then back the confidence to wear a swimming costume or  have bare legs in the summer.  

Some thread veins come as a result of extra pressure in the veins deeper under the skin which need to be addressed first, but with the majority of patients the only problem are the thread veins themselves.


Micro Sclerotherapy is  the treatment of choice unless the veins are red and very thin (smaller than a human hair) and can be treated by laser.

This is performed using a very fine needle where a dilute  foam (0.5% STD) solution is injected. Sometimes the veins in clusters communicate with each other and so one injection can seal many veins, but often each vein will have to be addressed with a single injection.

Many thread veins can be injected in one session and it is often recommend that you stand in the bathroom at home and draw circles on the skin so that all problem areas are addressed in the session.


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