Thames Valley Vascular Clinic

We specialise in treatment and diagnosis of all vascular & venous conditions with a particular interest in varicose veins.

Our approach is for a tailored management to each individual, which is essential in treating a patient effectively.

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What makes us unique is that not only do we have fully qualified Surgeons to treat you but you will also be given a full vascular assessment from one of our specialist vascular technologists before your treatment. This ensures a detailed examination of your condition and a treatment plan utilising modern endovenous techniques.

Varicose Veins treatment


Symptoms of Varicose Veins Aching heavy legs (usually worse at night) Itching Darkening of skin Swelling of ankles Night cramps What are the Veins you can see in your legs? The veins that you can see in your legs often come in two types. Small var...

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Thread vein treatment


What are they? These are the thin veins, about the thickness of the hair on a horses mane, which can be either red or blue in colour.  They often come in clusters and are either unsightly or can throb when the weather is hot. For many women they start...

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Vein treatment


Modern Treatment Recent advances in technology mean that all varicose veins can be treated by minimally invasive techniques that usually do not require general anaesthesia and can be carried out as a Day Case, with rapid recovery and early ret ...

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